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Why Upgrade?

  • - Safe and Secure: only you can access your data
  • - One Time Payment, No Monthly Payment, No Hidden Cost
  • - Use Current Your Email Address (Gmail)
  • - Unlimited Google Drive Storage, Photos and Gmail
  • - Cheapest Price, we can create unlimited user
  • - You will get all the features of G Suite Business Plan
  • - You can change Password & Add Recovery options
  • - We will support you for lifetime
  • - You must follow the TOS of Google
  • - Accept Payment for anonymous: BTC, ETH, LTC,...

Upgrade Your Gmail


At first I thought this would be some sort of "shared" drive where everybody could see all of my files, but that is not at all what it was. You get your OWN drive added on your account that only you can access. It is private and secure and I highly recommend it to everybody.


Thanks very much, i have received a lot of email for my job, i was deleted file/message weekly so very uncomfortable. After upgrade, i have time for my life. My data still safe and security. This service helpful for my job. I will share and invite my friends use it. Thanks!


When employer ask to me share portfolio So I share my projects on Google Drive. Because when I try to share my projects in Gmail for attaching the file but java script file blocks in Gmail and I did not send my file to employer but Google Drive can keep any type of file.

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